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About the Concerned Citizens of Lakeland

What are all these signs about?
What is all of this conflict about?
How can you be against our city?

If these are some of the questions you would like answered, we will attempt to do that for you.  We are the Concerned Citizens of Lakeland. We will show you information that we feel a lot of people do not want you to know.... Information that is constantly being suppressed and censored.  The fundamental issue in question is whether or not we should, at this time, take out a $50 million dollar bond to create a middle school and a high school.

We feel that people on the "Yes" side of this debate want this no matter the cost. They will not answer certain questions, have misrepresented information, and have not provided some very simple and very necessary information that would allow most people to feel comfortable with this decision.  The primary goal of this website is to show you the information that we feel is being kept from you.  Where we can, we will cite references.

Our opposition is always trying to define and demonize us.  I would like to define our group for you. 

  • We are ordinary people who live in Lakeland
  • We come from all walks of life
  • We are of all ages
  • Some of us have school age children
  • Some of us have children beyond school years
  • Some of us do not have children
  • Some of us have children who are not yet in school
  • We care deeply about our city and want the best decisions possible made for the future of our city
  • Are we opposed to schools? No
  • Are we opposed to the increase in taxes? Some members are, some members are not, but we would all like to see the money spent wisely
  • Do we hate the "Yes" people and "want them to fail"? We do not hate anyone, and we feel that the Yes people only want what is best for their children.  We understand this point of view. We don't want the current plan to pass because it is, at this time, financially reckless. There are less expensive alternatives. We are suspicious of their plans and their ability to successfully execute them because of the tactics they have employed and the very limited financial information they have released.

Here are our recommendations to you are:

  • Read the information here as well as other places
  • Become educated on these issues
  • Be skeptical of any information – including the information here. If we say something factually inaccurate, inform us. Back up that information with facts and sources, and we will correct the record
  • Ask critical questions publicly on places such as NextDoor.com Facebook, at meetings, etc.