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We got caught who do we blame?

Team Bunker have found themselves in a situation where there is a forum scheduled where all of their candidates can attend and only 1/3 of Team Cunningham candidates can attend.

This was the result of not reaching out to any of the Team Cunningham candidates.

When pressed on the matter to change the date to allow all candidates to be there no one on Team Bunker thinks this is a good idea.

As you can imagine a lot has been made about this and the fairness of this schedule.

What does one do when pressed on the matter and when you are in a position that is hard to defend? (You don't want to move the date)

Well this is when someone pushes down a False Narrative that everyone repeats.  The false narrative? That the people that want the date moved are "attacking the character" of the person who organized the event.

Yes the idea is to hide behind the good reputation of the person they claim to defend.  The person that seems to want to stay out of it is the very person their False narrative drags into the middle of this.


If you are one of the Matt Wright False narrative customers you have also been sold false narratives about the CCL and bought them. So I doubt you are on the CCL Facebook page.

If you aren't I suggest you think for a moment.... I normally think all politicians lie, but would the politician that does Marketing for a living sell me a False Narrative?


So if you are on the CCL Facebook page, what would you see? What did these terrible people say to Cindy when she posted on THEIR page about this matter?

Here is her post to the Concerned Citizens of Lakeland Facebook page:

Now lets see what those evil lying CCL people that want our city to fail had the nerve to say to her!

HANG ON - they are THANKING HER! - This is radically different than the False Narrative we have been told!  I wonder if they have told me anything else is not true? I wonder what the effective tax rate really is in Lakeland?

OK OK - But I bet they are only showing us the good things they said - what else did they say?  - I hope you have this thought.  Your next course of action should be to join the page and find out what else was said for yourselves if you are not already on there.

For those of you unwilling or not on Facebook here are the rest.

Quite a bit different than what you might have been told right?

Maybe just Maybe I should do my own research.... You do know marketing people came up with the idea in the 50's for doctors to tell you that cigarettes were good for you right?

How about this one for a thought - you can be for the Schools and vote for Bunker and still believe you are being lied to...


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