• Concerned Citizens of Lakeland TN

BOC Meeting on 2-13-2019 - WATCH VIDEO Featured

City Hall is packed with Citizens – the Largest crowd I have seen to date - By far.  22 people spoke. Which is amazing considering there was only a 24-hour notice and the meeting was scheduled for 5:00 not 5:30 like past meetings.

The outside hall was so full by 5:30 that some people must have shown up and left because they couldn't see.  I show the crowd twice in this video I was so surprised.


  • 22 people spoke about 18 against raising the taxes, 4 for raising the taxes
  • Roman was asked to apologize by a citizen but chose not to.
  • North Lakelanders main complaint is how they receive nothing and mention de-annexing. They represent about 1.2 million of the roughly 5 million dollars in annual property tax.
  • Josh announces and they pass a resolution to have PFM do an analysis.  These are the people that did the last analysis and used the city’s assumptions which were wrong at the time they were made, and off by 2 million dollars in the second year.
  • Michelle Dial tells people that she is on a fixed income
  • Michelle Dial wants to help senior citizens to fill out paperwork for tax relief – most senior citizens are excluded as it requires a household income less than 33k

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