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Vote on the Debt (8)

Information on the upcoming vote on the debt and tax increase

The city is about to us PFM again to provide to advise the city of the financial decision to borrow money to build a High School.  They have not proven to be a reliable vendor in the past.  Sign the petition asking for a new vendor.

City Hall is packed with Citizens – the Largest crowd I have seen to date - By far.  22 people spoke. Which is amazing considering there was only a 24-hour notice and the meeting was scheduled for 5:00 not 5:30 like past meetings.

The outside hall was so full by 5:30 that some people must have shown up and left because they couldn't see.  I show the crowd twice in this video I was so surprised.

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Did you know that a vote for yes will be a vote for Unlimited Tax Increases?  We have the sample ballot to prove it!

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