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Fact or Fiction (22)

Fact or Fiction

I was recently provided by Mr Netanel an unsigned contract as "Proof" the lawsuit has been settled.

But - Has it?


The Lakeland Currents has written an "Investigation" into the citizens that have looked into the FOI requests.  They are in lock step with the current strategy in place which is to demonize their political opponents.  We also saw this with Geoff Hiicks farewell speech to the school board.  This is a return to the original 2015 strategy. 

For everything that is wrong with the article and to have an understanding of how it misrepresents the facts and attempts to misguide you click READ MORE.

This article talks about the 12 tactics use to manipulate people.

It also features a good informative video about manipulation.

Click the image or READ MORE below to read the full article.

There were certainly fireworks at the town hall meeting.

Bunker packed the town hall with Senior Citizens by promising them to pave their streets.

Sound Crazy? Click READ MORE below

On 9/27/17 the BOC had their first "Strategic Planning Meeting" at that meeting Mayor Bunker asks Superintendent Dr Horrell to have cost estimates for Lakeland High School construction ready to present to BOC within 4-6 weeks.

The BOC and Mayor Bunker would like to have you believe this was the first meeting to discuss building the High School.

Do you want to see the timeline the CCL has constructed via Freedom of Information requests (FOIs)? 

Click READ MORE below to see the timeline.


You've heard the lies and half-truths.  Now get the facts that your Lakeland officials and Lakeland news sources will not tell you.   

Click on 'Read more...' below.

A couple of years ago some people were saying that Stephanie Lefler had STOLEN the FIREWORKS MONEY!

WOW That is almost too much to believe right?

Why would someone which such of a high profile steal from her fellow citizens?

How could she think that she could get away with it? It is so crazy it must be true!


Did the city discuss then spend just shy of $10,000 of tax payer money to hire attorneys to discuss how to stop criticism on social media?

Spoiler alert - yes they did.


Watch them repeal it!

Yes people have been telling everyone that the CCL lied to everyone about a No vote rescinding the tax.

Don't take our word for it.

Watch them do it.

Click Read more below!

If you are just now tuning in or just a refresher course in Lakeland politics we have an article for you.

Everyone should read this before casting their vote.

Click Read More below for the entire article.

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