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  • Bunker tries to buy Senior Citizens votes

Bunker tries to buy Senior Citizens votes Featured

In the following video you will see:

  • Bunker try to buy the votes of senior citizens by telling them he will change the budget to get their roads paved
  • Bunker staged a crowd of senior citizens
  • Bunker will not answer knowing anything about why Sterling Place people are there (Wesley Wright and Matt Wright will give a rehearsed out of context answer, and Matt will also Lie)
  • Citizens will claim Bunker never promised street paving - we will show you proof otherwise
  • A list of all the neighborhoods with a lower score NOT BEING PAVED. Is your neighborhood on this list???
  • Bunker will say he decided they need paving after driving his vehicle on the streets - the city Engineer will say that isn't an acceptable way to determine the quality of the roads
  • Citizens will say they were told at a meeting with Bunker their roads were a 3 - they are rated 7s and 8s
  • You will learn that Sterling Place roads are in the top 25% compared to all other neighborhoods
  • Bunker tries to get the Senior Citizens to stay when they start leaving after the Town Hall so he can have a staged audience for the BOC budget meeting
  • Bunker directs Bailiff to remove a citizen that is speaking
  • Citizens show disrespect for Clark Plunk after he makes the statement that there are about 50 houses in his cove (there are 47)
  • Bunker will try to lead and influence the responses of the City Engineer when speaking about the roads
  • You will learn about the Lakeland Currents hit piece video of Clark Plunk
  • Bunker added to the BOC agenda Sterling Place roads DURING the Town Hall as a way to hide it


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