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12 Signs you are being manipulated Featured

Signs you are being manipulated

There is something not on this list that I feel is important. I was once listening to talk radio and there was a guest on the show that was talking about the difference between persuasion and manipulation. He said there are certain obvious things like using information that is incorrect, but he said the best way to spot someone is manipulating you is they ONLY PRESENT INFORMATION THAT FURTHERS THEIR CAUSE. They NEVER provide information that disagrees with their position. They never concede good points you make or if they do they then move to minimize them.

These are tactics manipulators use

  1. Almost always Charmers - (also see narcissist personalities)
  2. Overly Complimentary
  3. Ignore you or play hard to get
  4. Emotional manipulation - instead of trying to convince you logically they try to manipulate you emotionally. "They create NARRATIVES..."
  5. Do not give you much time to decide - (They tried to rush the school at the end of 2017, and they want to rush it now)
  6. "Be weary of people who pressure you - especially if money is involved"
  7. They tell jokes at your expense - they Gas Light you
  8. They make you feel guilty (How can you be against a SCHOOL!)
  9. They yell - (I believe in Social Media this translates to personal insults and attacks, as both are an attempt to intimidate)
  10. They withhold approval or validation (I believe on social media this translates to never agreeing with you or saying you are correct)
  11. Devalue what you do through sarcasam - they focus on the negative and do not provide genuine constructive solutions
  12. They are difficult on purpose - "They will never validate anything you have to say"
  13. The put the blame on you - No matter what they did it is always someone else's



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