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Heavy Machines vs The Lake District - Lawsuit Settled? Featured

Heavy Machines vs The Lake District - Lawsuit Settled

Mr Natanel had recently contacted me via a phone call to discuss the Lake District and how it was being portrayed on social media. I asked him some tough questions about the law suit with heavy machines, when they were going to be ordering utilities etc. I was told that the lawsuit with Heavy Machines was all but settled at that time.  I asked if there was a way for me to verify that and I also spoke to his attorney in a separate call. At that time (roughly a little over a month ago) the case could not be verified to be settled.

It was recently announced that the city had received the security deposit for phase one of the Lake District. While at the last BOC meeting I saw Mr Netanel and decided to congratulate him.  I congratulated him and he took a slight jab at me when he introduced me to Maggie his female colleague as "one of those hyperactive people on social media."  He then told me that the suit was settled.  I replied with send me the proof and I will post it on the CCL website.  He took my email address and sent me a document. Today - a week later I opened up the email to find...... an unsigned legal document. I thought, this is just great.  I had planned on writing something either way.


An unsigned contract is NOT proof that a lawsuit has been settled.



This is proof it has been settled:

Source: https://chancerydata.shelbycountytn.gov/chweb/ck_public_qry_doct.cp_dktrpt_frames?backto=D&case_id=CH-19-0337&begin_date=&end_date=

The city is very please that things are progressing Mr Netanel.

Our city is very much looking forward to the opening where former Mayor Wyatt Bunker promised to wear a clown suit and jump into the pond.  We expect you to hold him to his word.



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