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Matt Wright proves Matt Wright is Lying Featured

For years the CCL has told you that if you factor in the fire fees that Lakeland has the highest taxes of any of the other local municipalities (excluding Memphis).

For years every time we have tried to inform you of this Matt Wright has unleashed tactic #1.  The CCL lies.

After reviewing some screen shots we have found the one person (maybe) that Matt Wright wouldn't accuse of lying.....himself.


So what is Lakeland's tax rate when you add in $0.60? (Note when this was said our tax rate was $1.40)

Arlington  $1.15
Bartlett  $1.83
Collierville  $1.83
Germantown  $1.95
Lakeland *  $1.40
Lakeland * with fire fees  $2.00
Millington  $1.53
* Property tax at that time was $1.40  

Couple this with our high sewer fees and you can now understand what the CCL has been warning about for all of these years.

If we have the highest taxes and no amenities compared to the other competing cities it will mean less people choosing to move here, which means less tax payers, which means more taxes per citizen and eventually a decrease in property values.

Lakeland will have a High School when it is needed, not because Bunker needs it on his resume before he leaves.

Maybe it is time to consider that the person who constantly tells you other people is lying is lying. Would that be so unusual for a politician?

To see the tax rates for the municipalities go to: https://www.assessor.shelby.tn.us/Calculate.aspx

BUT HOW ABOUT THAT 3 Million Dollar Surplus?

The unassigned general fund is essentially the savings account for the city. At the end of 2015 (this is from their Audited Financial Statement) we had:

At the end of 2016 we had (according to the 2016 audited financial statement):

The difference between these two numbers is $1,435,477 - NOT 3 Million dollars.

So do you believe the city is going to eliminate the almost 2 million dollars per year in fees when the year he cites doesn't even have enough surplus in that one year alone to cover the fire fees?





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