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More manipulation and now deceptive editing Featured

After the BOC meeting on 2/12/2019 there was a post made by a former Lakeland Commissioner the following day:

"Hi Linda, the video does show the crowd clapping for his remarks. Very, very sad and Mr. Cunningham should never allow that type of speech inside a meeting at city hall. I was utterly shocked he was allowed to speak freely without interruption and his comments applauded. Hoping we can all agree it was not a good reflection on Lakeland. We can do much better than that."

Lets look at the claims made:

  • Does Cunningham allow the speech without interuption?
  • Does it show clapping and what were they clapping FOR?

A video was posted on youtube as evidence to these facts.  It doesn't show the entire clip of the man speaking though.  You will soon know why.

The real purpose of this post was to quickly shape the narrative and have people talking about this rather than what was important that came out in the meeting.  That with a 30 year CON Lakeland was facing needing to almost DOUBLE THE CITY PROPERTY TAX.

The man speaking was also NOT from North Lakeland. This is more fake news.

The deceptive video is here:


Here is what actually happened:



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