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Show us the Numbers (15)

Not for the faint of heart.  Here we will dive deep into the numbers and information that has been released.

If you would like to get the facts about what the city is proposing and what the city of Lakeland and its tax payers is facing, please click READ MORE below.

You will be SHOCKED.

If you or me were to apply for a loan the most important number to a bank would be our debt to income ratio.

Want to see what Lakeland's debt to income ratio looks like compared to other cities?

Make sure you are sitting down.


We have recently discovered a huge conflict of interest with the financial firm (PFM) whjo was advising the city.
We already know PFM didn't do their own math.  We just discovered we also paid them to not do it.  Click Read More below.

At the budget meeting the Mayor asks about funding the new fire department, only to discover we have NEGATIVE WIGGLE ROOM in the budget and must spend the city's reserves (savings)


The city cannot afford to expand the sewer system without taking on additional debt.

Their words - not ours.

This is why they raised your sewer fees. - But hey they didn't raise taxes right?

But we can absolutely afford to borrow an additional $22,000,000 to $30,000,000

Don't question this logic if you do you are a CCL activist.


The team of Wyatt Bunker / Josh Roman and Matt Wright told the residents of Lakeland stories of how much Lakeland would grow if we would build the school.  It is 4 years later what does the data show?


Remember all the talk of over-crowding in Arlington?

Want to see the numbers?


There is a lot of false information going around about how high your overall tax rate will be.  We will show you exactly what they will be.

Is Chris Angel on the BOC?  It seems that way look at the slight of hand that was done on the Tax Ordinance - it was changed a total of FOUR TIMES.

Click Read more to see the changes and the versions.

General Obligation Debt, the kind of debt used to pay for large projects like school road projects, is guaranteed ONLY by the government's ability to raise your taxes.  Under TN law, we are not allowed to have any vote on raising our property taxes!  So any General Obligation Debt the City takes on is married to our Property Taxes, for Better or for Worse.  The simple way to think about it is:

General Obligation Debt = Property Taxes

Lakeland is the only city in Shelby County that has NO LIMITS on General Obligation Debt.  With NO LIMITS on the amount of debt the BOC can issue and this debt tied directly to our Property Taxes, Lakeland taxpayers have no safety net.  If we implement reasonable limits on the amount of debt the BOC can issue, we can protect ourselves from endless debt-driven tax increases.  Please read and use our link to email the BOC demanding sensible Debt Limits here in Lakeland!

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